Casey was introduced to coffee when he was a teenager and started roasting coffee when he was only 17. In his pursuit of the perfect brew, Casey began to form his philosophy in blending coffees to create flavors that aren’t found in one type of bean, but in the combination of many varieties roasted at different grades. 

In his late twenties, Casey and his two friends opened a successful coffee company that includes three coffee shops in Forestville, California. During that time, Casey solidified his blending skills in creating a great cup of coffee or espresso blend. His extended knowledge and talent in roasting were later rewarded with a bronze medal at the Pentair Everpure Golden Bean Roasting Competition, the world’s largest coffee roasters competition. 

In June 2017, Casey founded MadMikes Coffee after his family moved to North County San Diego. Casey’s grateful that he has all the support from his wonderful family to pursue his dream career and he’s more than excited to share his favorite blends with you!



WE ARE CRAFT ROASTERS The senses of sight, smell, sound and touch form the foundations of craft roasting. We have developed the awareness of these senses, learning when a coffee’s aromatics are at their height, how to caramelize the sugars and how to unlock the flavor and personality of every coffee.

MADMIKE’S ORGANIC COFFEES are a blend of premium coffee beans from South & Central America and the South Pacific. Our coffee is then slowly roasted locally in Carlsbad, California and packed fresh to ship to our customers.

ARTISAN ROASTED in small batches. Freshly roasted coffee is the only coffee that contains true coffee flavor at its absolute best - naturally sweet and lively. The distinct flavor profiles of certain beans have a much stronger presence and are easier to pick out in a truly fresh cup of coffee.



MadMike’s founder, Casey Tokubo’s named MADMIKE's after his two beautiful children: Madeleine and Michael.  As a proud dad, Casey is equally as proud to open a coffee shop in their name. Casey’s love for his family and his passion for coffee have played such a significant role in his life that naming the business after his kids seemed natural. Having brewed coffee for over 20 years, Casey is committed to put in the same effort and attention to brewing each cup as how he did raising his children.



HEALTH BENEFITS Fresh-roasted coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants which have been known to benefit overall health by boosting the immune system.